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   Kingdoms Lawn Game

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Kingdoms Lawn Game is a competitive family-friendly game that combines elements of fantasy with a new variant of bowling.  Players will attempt to conquer one another by knocking down each others blocks (known as castles) by throwing balls (known as armies) behind a designated line (known as the battle line.)  The last player with castles standing is declared the victor.  For more info, check out our rulebook.


Player Interaction

Each Kingdom has a unique identity, color, symbol and special ability. 

Alliances are formed, enemies are made and deals are broken as players must work together to become victorious.

Player Count and Age

Can accommodate both small and large groups with a two to sixteen player count (teams) and ages  5 and up.

Rulebook - Kingdoms-04_edited.jpg
Our work


Ten years ago ago, I created Kingdoms Lawn Game with friends and family in the great state of Montana. Fast forward to today, we have successfully funded a Kickstarter campaign, attend many festivals and conventions each year and are working hard to build a community around this amazing fantasy-based lawn game.


Please be apart of our community by subscribing to our mailing list below or joining our Facebook page for updates and events. 

If you have any questions, suggestions or opportunities for us to share Kingdoms Lawn Game with others, feel free to fill out the comments section below or send me an email (find below).


Arthur Weston

Where to purchase a set



4865 Mechums River Rd.

Charlottesville, VA 22901

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